Knives are used as a cutlery and as a weapon since prehistoric times. As the years have passed, the knife’s function has evolved and made everyday life easier and more exciting. Nowadays, it is important for the knife to be durable, sharp and long lasting. No less important is to produce knives, which are suitable for various tasks – skinning, cutting, boning and other. Depending on the main function of the knife and its users, such as hunters, mushroom pickers, tourists and others, the shape and characteristics of knives vary.

About “AA knives”

“AA knives” (Anri Ananins Knives) is a company that produces and sells hand forged knives. AA knives are manufactured in Latvia with  European warranty. Blade and steel parts are forged especially for “AA knives”, by experienced blacksmiths who specialize in metal processing for many decades, this ensures the quality and uniqueness of each knife. Knife handle materials are purchased from various European countries where culture and development of knife production has a very long history.

“AA knives” unique designs are developed by our Latvian team of proffesionals which guarantees a very high quality and durability. We also put a lot of effort in a handle production, knife assembly and sharpening to ensure and deliver the highest quality assurance.

Our main goal is to make high quality knives that are long lasting, while staying sharp and their use is easy and enjoyable.

Delivery and prices

Knives can be bought at a competitive price – retail and wholesales. “AA knives” deliver to any place in the world, please see more information in the Terms & Conditions.

All AA knives production have European warranty.

All knives in stock are located in Riga, Latvia

Types of knives

“AA knives” offer a variety of knife types suitable for a variety of activities – hunting, fishing, outdoor, mushroom picking and other. Each knife is different with its material, blade and other features in order to serve the best for a particular job and need.

Hunting knives

The hunting knives are knives used during hunting to prepare a game – skin removal, cutting and slicing of meat. Some hunting knives are adapted for other purposes in the wild; such as a camp knife, which hunters can use as a machete if this particular instrument is not available. In this case, its function is similar to the survival knife. Hunting knives traditionally are meant for cutting not stabbing and usually have one edge sharpened. The blade for most models are bent, but there tend to be knives, which have both – bent blade, which is designed for skinning, and the straight part to cut the game. Hunting knives usually have a rounded tip in order to remove the skin without damaging it. There are knives, which have a small hook that is meant to cut the abdomen without touching muscle or any organ.
Hunting knives can be fixed and folding. Fixed knives are more durable and they are more used for a big game, where the folding knives are more portable and are considered to be safer.

Mushroom knives

The mushroom knives are excellent to not only cut off the mushrooms, but also to clean them, therefore, these knives often have a small brush to clean the dirt. As one of the main principles of mushroom pickers is to cut the mushroom without interfering with its underground infrastructure therefore, the mushroom knives have a specially curved blade that allows to cut the mushroom comfortably and easily without affecting its structure.

Fishing knives

The fishing knives usually have a long blade. There are different types of fishing knives, which usually have curved and flexible blades. These knives mostly have thin blade, and they have a pointed tip, which is used for gutting. Some knives have an edge of the back of the blade, which is designed to clean and cut the fish. Knives for bigger fish (salmon, tuna, etc.) have dull, rounded tip and straight blade. They are quite large, durable and less flexible. With the fishing knife, the fillet is removed from the bones or the fish is cut into a smaller pieces.

Outdoor knives

Outdoor and nature lovers usually use different types of knives, which can be useful in different life situations. Though hunting, mushroom and fishing knives are specific to their main function, they can also be used by outdoor lovers. Outdoor knives usually have different functions that ensure that the knife is suitable for different situations.

Knives for collectors

Collectors often collect different types of unique knives therefore, “AA knives” uniquely designed knives are a great way for collectors to replenish their collection with unique knives that are not found in other stores.