The hunting knives are knives used during hunting to prepare a game  – skin removal, cutting and slicing of meat. Hunting knives are considered to be one of the oldest type of knives, since knives for hunting were used during the Stone Age. Nowadays hunting knives are perfected and there is an opportunity to choose the most suitable hunting knife for each situation. Hunting knives traditionally are meant for cutting not stabbing and usually have one edge sharpened. The blade for most models are bent, but there tend to be knives, which have both – bent blade, which is designed for skinning, and the straight part to cut the game. Hunting knives usually have a rounded tip in order to remove the skin without damaging it. There are knives, which have a small hook, which is meant to cut the abdomen without touching muscle or any organ. Some hunting knives are adapted for other purposes in the wild; such as a camp knife, which hunters can use as a machete if this particular instrument is not available. In this case, its function is similar to the survival knife. Nowadays the hunting knife has different functions. One of the main functions is gutting, which is usually done right after the hunt in order to keep the meat. With the hunting knife it is possible to cut the abdomen and remove the organs. The hunting knife is also intended for removing the skin, its blade is usually curved, short and thin, so that there is no damage to muscles or organs. After removing the skin and organs, usually the next step is to bone the game to obtain the meat. After that the meat is cut into pieces, therefore, there is a need for a very sharp knife, which can perform a clean cut. There is a need for different types of hunting knives in order to properly prepare the game.

Types of hunting knives

Camp knife

The camp knife is considered to be a multipurpose hunting knife, since it is designed to be able to perform the specific knife functions for the activities mentioned above. This knife usually has a curved blade, which serves not only as a hunting knife, but also is useful for other activities. These knives often have a bowel hook, which makes it easier to cut the abdomen. It is usually a sharp hook in a knife blade, which allows to easily and smoothly cut the abdomen.

Skinning knife

Taking into account that the knife for skinning is used to cut along the skin without damaging the muscles and tissues, therefore, it is short  with a sharp blade and curved. The blade has to be sharp at all times and the handle has to be a non-slip material that it would not slip out of hands during the skinning.

Boning knife

The boning knife is specially made to remove the meat from the bone. The blade usually is narrow and elastic, similar to the fillet knife. The boning knife and the fillet knife are often combined together.

Hunting dagger

The hunting dagger is a type of knife intended for stabbing if necessary. It usually has a sharp, two-way blade and a non-slip handle. This type of knife is mostly used for hunting swines.

 Types of blades

There are three main types of blade – Bowie, drop-point and trailing point blades.

Bowie type (Clip-point)

This type of blade has been used for centuries for hunting knives and it is based on Bowie knife. It’s named a clip-point due to its look. The blade is shaped like that because the knife is meant for piercing and is considered as a universal blade type.


The blade is made that it moves from the spine to the tip in a curved manner, which creates the bent tip. This type of blade gives more control and durability. With a wider blade and the drop-point, this is the most popular blade type, because it is meant for cutting and it is easy to control the blade.


The blade for this type moves from its spine in downwards motion and then back up creating a sharp tip.

Fixed and folding knives

Hunting knives can be fixed and folding. Fixed knives are more durable and they are more used for a big game, where the folding knives are more portable and are considered to be safer.

 Knife handles

During hunting it is important not only to have a good hunting knife, but also the knife handle for it to be comfortable and easy to grab as well as it would not slip during the hunting.

Hunting knife sheath

Although the hunting knife sheath is optional, it is recommended for fixed knives in order to protect the knife from the surrounding environment and be easy to carry.