Knife specifications: LYNX
Steel: hand forged stainless  steel blade 95H18 (95×18) with decorative etching
Hardness: 59 HRC
Blade length (mm): 113 / 4,45 Inch
Blade thickness (mm): 3 / 0,12 Inch
Blade width (mm): 31 / 1,22
Handle:  moose horn
Overall length (mm): 265 / 10,43 Inch

Steel 95X18 – stainless steel Hand forged steel.
Hand forged steel knives 95X18 are considered the most common among hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Analogs of steel 95X18 in other countries: AUS-8 (Japan), X90CrMoV18 / 1L4112 (Germany), 123C26 (Sweden), 440B (USA).
Composition of steel 95X13: carbon (С) 0.90 – 1.00%, manganese (Mn) 0.80%, chrome (Cr) 17-19%, silicon (Si) 0.80%, phosphorus (Р) 0.025 %.
The advantages knives of steel 95X18:

Good cutting properties
Does not need much care
Low price

Hardness of the blade 57-59 HRC.
Hand forged