Thunder Cross – Fire Cross – It is the symbol of fire, thunder, light, fortune, health and prosperity. Protector against evil.

Knife specifications: ”THUNDER”
Steel: Bulat – Wootz steel
Hardness: 62 HRC
Blade length (mm): 120
Blade thickness (mm): 2,8
Blade width (mm): 34
Handle: a red wood Padauk
Overall length (mm): 240


Bulat – Wootz Steel
Cast carbon hand forged steel
with a special blade structure, high hardness, increased durability and elasticity.
Each blade of Bulat steel has a distinctive individual pattern.
‘’AA knives’’ produces knives made of alloyed crucible Bulat steel based on metal H12MF and ShH15.

The advantages knives of Bulat steel:

High hardness
Increased durability
Long – lasting sharpness
Hardness of the blade 62-64 HRC.