Knife specifications: ”SET OF KITCHEN KNIVES 3psc”
Steel: hand-forged stainless steel 110X18, very hard, not brittle and very sharp
Hardness:61 HRC
Blade length (mm): 195 – 150 – 120
Blade thickness (mm): 2
Blade width (mm): 43 – 32 – 27
Handle: a G10
Overall length (mm): 325 – 270 – 235
Knife type: hunting, outdoor
Package: knife, sheath of leather

As the old saying goes, if someone has a blunt knives at home, their inheritors will get a lazy wife or husband. But to avoid such effects, it is worth looking at this neat, classic and elegant forged in fire kitchen knives set that will delight not only the eye and the hand, but also the stomach. Three knives, three sizes and countless travels in the world of flavors.

All three knife blades are made of high-quality stainless steel, which is designed to be perfectly thin during forging, without losing the flexibility and durability that play a vital role in the selection of a best kitchen knife. In the long run, even when working with this hand forged kitchen knives kit on a day-to-day basis, you will find that it can hold its sharpness for extremely long, which will always make your work smoother, better quality and definitely more enjoyable.

The knife handle is made of durable synthetic material that can be safely washed in the dishwasher. Not only does this material stand out for its unique and inimitable pattern that is created during the development process, but it is also very solid, fits comfortably in the hand and has the ability to flutter for a very long time. In contrast, the dark color will fit beautifully into any interior. Professional chefs recognize that knives that seem too light are not particularly comfortable to work with, so each custom knife in this kit has been designed to successfully balance between light and heavy tools, providing the perfect middle ground for any household or professional chef’s kitchen.

The big chef’s knife is often called the King of the Kitchen, and its blade sizes typically range from about 180 to 300 millimeters. This chef’s knife boasts a 195 millimeter long knife that will make it easy for anyone to use. It will be indispensable at times when you will need to chop, shred or beautifully slice something. Of course, like any other thing, the largest kitchen knife doesn’t have the same shape standarts in the world, but it will meet the demands of both an experienced housewife and a professional chef.

A medium-sized knife with a 150 millimeter hand forged blade will be a versatile assistant in any kitchen. It’s a bit smaller than a chef’s knife, but relatively similar in shape and suitable for similar functions, as every cook will know the moments when a little finer work needs to be done and the big knife is left to rest. With a medium knife, it will be easy to cut fruits and vegetables and cut small pieces of meat.

The smallest kitchen knife comes with a 120 millimeter tapered blade, which makes it ideal for peeling fruits and vegetables, peeling seeds, and cutting small vegetables such as garlic.

Three high-quality best kitchen knives that will perfectly complement each other in terms of functionality will delight anyone who feels quality, durability and taste are essential in the kitchen and on the table.

Steel 110X18 – Very good stainless steel hand forged, very hard, not brittle and very good at sharpness. Knives are thin, but durable and rarely need to sharpen.