All Hunters, anglers and nature lovers are united by the need for a quality tool that can last long and efficiently.

That’s why when choosing your knife, the hunter is interested in a comfortable, non-slip handle and a durable, flexible and sharp-edged blade.

Everyone has their own insights on what a good knife really means, and the only way to find one’s own is to try several options and find the one that suits you and your needs.

I would recommend before buying a knife if it is possible to pick up and hold the knife in your hand to understand that it is the right one, that it is comfortable and then it is clear that it will be the most suitable.

A high-quality knife that is well selected for your specific purpose will be an indispensable assistant and with proper care will last long and faithfully .

When a man comes to my store to buy a knife, first I try to understand exactly what this knife is for and we work together to find the most appropriate option.

The knife is one thing, but right sharpening is just as important. Because if you don’t sharpen or do it wrong even the best knife can lose its excellent cutting properties.

We sharpen properly with suitable sharpeners – we do not put on the schmirgel and do not bring it to sharpen to the local shoemaker.

If you don’t have a sharpener or you don’t really know how to sharpen, I’m always open to advice, or if it is possible you can safely come ower – I’ll show, sharpen and share my experience.