llabais perkonkrusts ugunskrusts

Thunder Cross – Fire Cross – It is the symbol of fire, thunder, light, fortune, health and prosperity. Protector against evil.

austras koks

Austra’s tree – World order, linking past, present, and future. Guardian of the beautiful and valuable. Luck, blessings, success.

akas zime

Aka (water well) – Also called a double cross. Symbol of the sun and earth. Experience and knowledge. Unity and world order. Start of the agricultural year.


Auseklis (morning star) – While Auseklis is a male god. Victory of light over dark. Protector of men.


JUMIS – Jumis symbolizes fertility and prosperity.

maras krusts

Māra’s cross – Māra is the highest divinity of motherhood. Resolution, completeness. The active, dynamic world. Protector against misfortune, bringer of godliness.

uzsina zime

Ūsiņš – Life – Light. New beginnings. Strength. Safe journey, protection. Strength to the weak

zalksa zime

Zalktis (snake) – Wisdom and knowledge. The changeable. Energy of life and renewal. The waxing and waning of the moon.